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Zoom Announced a Contact Center Solution Followed By a Healthcare Partnership

In a move to improve home healthcare and make it more accessible, Zoom has partnered with Current Health. The new partnership will allow Current Health customers to launch the Zoom video conferencing service directly from its care-at-home platform. This will give patients enhanced video communications capabilities that expand their ability to deliver safe and effective virtual care services.

Current Health is a telehealth market leader used by hospitals across the country. The partnership with Zoom will improve home healthcare by making it more accessible and equitable. The collaboration is a significant step forward in enhancing home healthcare and making it more accessible.

As organizations start their transition towards remote patient monitoring and hospital at home strategy, everyone is exploring ways to tie it into their population health strategy. The key takeaway is that the technology solution must be easy to use. Partnering with a well-known, established enterprise and a consumer-friendly solution is a perfect play for Current Health.

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing platform globally, with a market share of 44 nations.

According to a recent white paper from Zoom about the state of video communications in healthcare, more than 550,000 businesses now use it, and 94 percent of IT departments would recommend it. It makes sense for healthcare entities to partner with a product like Zoom.

Best Buy signed the agreement to buy Current Health in October 2021 to provide healthcare at home. Let's not forget the acquisition in 2018 when Best Buy acquired GreatCall — a company specializing in helping seniors age in place through smartphones, medical alert devices, and other technology. Combining these solutions and Best Buy's ability to support technology is an exciting space to monitor.





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