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Working from anywhere is here to stay

As it becomes more evident that a hybrid work environment is here to stay, businesses must adapt in 2022, according to business executives.

According to the PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) Executive Views on Business in 2022 Pulse Survey, 43% of company executives intend to make remote work a permanent option, while 30% want it to be a permanent alternative.

In addition, 77% of executives see hiring and retaining employees as the two most important factors to consider in 2022.

"While there are concerns that remote workforce policies may lead to job dissatisfaction or issues with social engagement, our research indicates these are not serious enough to stop companies from developing remote workforce strategies," said Greg Scileppi, New York based leader of PwC's Human Capital practice.

The most significant benefit for remote work is that it helps employees balance their work and personal life without any guilt of not working the standard 8-5 shift hours where in fact, the employee probably works more than 8 hours daily.

Remote working boosts productivity because workers are free from the distractions of office space. Some workers can often work in better conditions than office workspace employees.

As remote work continues to grow, companies must prepare for their permanent place in the workforce. Business executives are already planning to adapt their recruiting strategies and improve remote supervisor training by 2022. The remote workforce helps employees balance their personal life with their careers and boosts productivity while emphasizing that work is no longer a physical place you have to go to in the future.





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