What are the healthcare provider CIOs thinking about for 2020?

Key technology initiatives for CIOs working in the healthcare providers space will include technologies that focus on the following:

  • remote patient monitoring

  • possible the use of VR technology

  • iOT and sensor integration

  • enhancing the virtual care offerings

CIOs are working hard to ensure that their IT strategy aligns with the organization's long term objective of improving access while providing a great digital experience.

"Our organization's strategic initiatives are around access & growth, patient value, quality, safety, and innovation. IT is partnering with the business to develop capabilities to enable the health system to deliver on these priorities" - Ben Patel, CIO, Cone Health.

"Acceleration of digital services with a patient and consumer digital front door incorporating AI and focusing on relationship management initiatives that include the use of self-service" - Craig Richardville, CIO, SCL Health

"Our organization has three focus areas: quality, patient experience, and affordability. IT is developing a digital platform focusing on clinical productivity and patient experience while driving innovation for the organization" - Raymond Lowe, CIO, AltaMed

Key enterprise initiatives for the CIO include the following:

  • Modernize the ERP system

  • Upgrade the IT security posture

  • Optimize the current EMR system.

"Optimization and transformation initiatives with Epic Refuel and ERP replacement to simplify and standardize workstreams" - Craig Richardville, CIO, SCL Health

"Continue to improve my security posture with the focus on known threats. Reduce Physician and Nurse dissatisfaction and burnout by optimizing the EHR" - Tom Stafford, CIO, Halifax Health

"Zero Trust Security Model implementation - going from reactive to authentication/zero trust throughout. Starting with policies in FY20 and moving to systems in FY21 and beyond" - Aaron Miri, CIO, Dell Medical School & UT Health Austin

"ERP and EMR optimization are two of the top initiatives that the IT department is working on for 2020" - Zafar Choudry, CIO, Seattle Children's Hospital

This is a good preview of what to expect from the healthcare provider CIOs. Stay tuned for the healthcare 2020 trends reports.




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