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Want To Measure Your Temp Constantly?

Measuring body temperature frequently may be the theme of the future. Have you recently stepped into a store or a restaurant where the staff is standing there with a thermostat taking your temperature before entering?

Now comes the Verily patch, an adhesive patch measuring your body temperature regularly. It is currently under FDA clearance as an approved electronic thermometer to address this public health emergency. This may be something that gets the FDA 501(k) approval in the future post-pandemic.

The patch uses Bluetooth BLE to connect with the mobile app for monitoring. I anticipate the following in the future:

  • Verily's involvement with "immunity passport" is already in development, and the patch is a required wearable to show active body temperature.

  • Verily patch will incorporate functionality from their study watch to create a consistent ecosystem for digital health.

The functionality is expected in the digital health ecosystem, but the main question lies in whether verily can build the community for adoption. Without a massive following, great products never scale.





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