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United Health goes shopping

In a move that was first announced in March, shareholders of LHC Group voted overwhelmingly to approve UnitedHealth Group's pending acquisition of the healthcare company. The $5.5 billion deal will give UnitedHealth Group ownership of LHC Group's common stock at $170 per share. This is another significant step in a process that the two companies hope to complete in the second half of this year.

LHC Group and Optum Health, which works with over 100 health plans, have joined forces to create a company dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to patients and their families.

The goal is fantastic, but integrating both entities into a single organization will be difficult. If the plan is followed through, it will significantly impact the industry and benefit UnitedHealth.

United is on a shopping spree this week!

United health plans to improve the National Health Service (NHS) by consolidating resources and technology companies. Optum, united health's subsidiary, will acquire EMIS for $1.51 billion.

The London Stock Exchange stated that the acquisition would result in better patient care and more robust capabilities as a technology company. This is united health's latest effort to improve the NHS following their 2017 purchase of McKesson UK, a leading healthcare provider.

By consolidating these companies, united health aspires to provide better service and eliminate waste in the system. Are these acquisitions aspirational, or will they make a difference?





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