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Top 5 Healthcare News For The Week

The University of Maryland hopes to build a new hospital on the Eastern Shore, though it still needs state approval.

After much consideration, the University of Maryland Medical System's board of directors approved a plan proposed by the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health for a new Health care campus. The 230-acre medical hub Egg Harbor is expected to include a 325,000-square-foot hospital meant to serve five counties in Easton. Although the board approved a letter of intent, the final decision hinges on whether or not the hospital system can prove sufficient need in nearby communities, which spans 2,000 miles.

It would be the largest medical center in the region near the intersection of Longwoods Road and Route 50.

Drop in Hospital Readmissions

New data from CMS indicates that 25% of hospitals will not incur readmission penalties in 2023. Also, those facilities that have not met Medicare standards now face smaller reimbursement decreases, as Mari Devereaux reports for Modern Healthcare.

Wellstar is making it official

The emergency department at Atlanta Medical Center is now closed, with the rest of the hospital to follow suit by November 1.

Samsung partners with HealthTap to bring virtual primary care to smart TVs

HealthTap, a virtual primary care company, has partnered with Samsung so that users of smart TVs can connect to the company's healthcare platform and visit a doctor of their choice using the built-in camera on their television.

Dexcare buys Womp

Dexcare completes its acquisition of eCommerce and online merchandising technology company Womp.

Womp is made up of two divisions, WompHealth and WompMobile. Womobiles operation uses technology to convert any website into a top-tier mobile experience, while womp health applies online shopping abilities to health systems to provide digital experiences for consumers. Presently, Additionally powering over 70 million consumer-facing digital experiences for companies such as AT&T and Bed Bath & Beyond.





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