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Thoughts of the week

Telemedicine security

While I recognize the industry expert's concern with using Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype for video consults, these solutions are convenient. Health care providers must cater to simplicity for the users, and we need a mechanism to instill that philosophy with care delivery.

FaceTime provides end-to-end encryption but will not sign a BAA, is that the primary reason we are hesitant about accepting it fully for telemedicine?

Covid19 Vaccination Card

Health systems have spent so much money on technology but still passing out covid19 vaccination cards like the immunization card I had as a kid. As a healthcare technology leader, I am also guilty since we did not have an easy solution to address this quickly. We need to do better.

Frontline Heroes

It has been a great week, and an incredible feeling of watching the teams come together to distribute covid19 vaccines. The staffs working at your organization during the pandemic are heroes during this endeavor.





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