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Texas Shut Down For A Week, But It Was Busy For Healthcare IT

Here is the hottest news related to healthcare IT for the week.

What's up with Intelerad?

  • Intelerad made three acquisitions in six months, most recently with Lumedx, leading cardiovascular information systems (CVIS). This acquisition will lead to major academic medical centers and large non-profit health systems using legacy PACS products. The timing is perfect as many organizations are at their 5-7 year lifespan with PACS and are exploring alternatives.

  • The challenge for Intelerad is will they pitch that their solutions all integrate or keep them as separate standalone.

Jeopardy winner is shutting down.

  • IBM Corp. is offloading its Watson Health healthcare technology unit, possibly through a sale or merges as part of a SPAC offering.

  • This will get interesting as there are still many large corporations using Watson health. Will they look for alternative solutions?

HealthIT employment downsizing.

  • Many health systems have been downsizing or outsourcing their IT workforce. This is not a trend that I like to see working in the field. The demand for talent in the marketplace is still there, in my opinion.

Disrupting the healthcare vertical is not easy.

  • Haven recently shut down, and Walmart also announced that they are slowing down their health clinic plans. It doesn't mean that they are not moving forward but taking more of a cautious approach.

  • In my opinion, Walmart should tackle it from a partnership approach where they own the physical locations while partnering with a regional health system to run the day-to-day operations as a joint venture.





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