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PillPack Has A Data Breach

PillPack, the leading online pharmacy owned by Amazon, wants to inform its valued customers about a recent data breach and the proactive measures being taken to address the issue.

What Happened? PillPack’s security team discovered unauthorized access to a portion of our systems, prompting an immediate investigation to assess the extent of the breach and its potential impact on customer data.

What Information Was Compromised? While the breach was limited in scope, it is essential to note that certain personal information may have been compromised. This includes names, addresses, dates of birth, and limited health information. However, we want to assure you that no financial information, such as credit card details, was accessed or affected.

PillPack’s Response and Security Measures As soon as they identified the breach, PillPack said they took swift action to contain the incident and protect our customers' data. Theor dedicated security team worked tirelessly to secure our systems, addressing vulnerabilities and preventing any further unauthorized access.

In addition, PillPack has engaged top-tier cybersecurity experts to conduct a thorough forensic investigation. Their expertise will provide valuable insights into the incident, assess the damage, and enable us to implement additional security measures to reinforce our defenses against future threats.

What You Can Do As a proactive measure, PillPack advises users to maintain vigilance and regularly monitor their accounts for any signs of suspicious activity.

Additionally, change your PillPack account password. Opting for a robust and distinct password, one that is not easily guessable, along with enabling two-factor authentication, can enhance the security of your account with an added layer of protection.





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