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Oracle Cerner Health Conference: Key Takeaways

At the Oracle Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, executives from the two companies clarified that healthcare is a top priority for the combined company. Oracle Cerner is putting staff into addressing the information technology challenges of healthcare, from improving electronic health records to revamping back office systems, payment, and claim systems. This is the strategy for Oracle Cerner in the marketplace.

Oracle and Cerner will provide a cloud-enabled health platform that is intelligent, connected, and interoperable. This will integrate the EHR into the supply chain, human capital management, and enterprise resource planning," Feinberg said during a keynote to kick off the three-day corporate conference.

During the Open CloudWorld keynote happening simultaneously with Oracle Cerner, Ellison said: "We are working with Cerner to take their existing Millennial clinical system and upgrade it. We will be connected to a patient engagement system."

He said Oracle's thesis is that current electronic health record systems are provider- rather than patient-centric and are dispersed and fragmented across many disconnected databases in the US health system.

New system?

The original goal was to change the software completely, but they will try to salvage what exists and make improvements. The coding languages will probably stay the same instead of implementing something more modern. This will not be a rewrite as initially anticipated.

What is v-safe?

Another platform play is coming where it can be the aggregator of disparate data from various sources to create insight and engagement. This platform will be part of the OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) design, and I believe the salesforce announcement a few years ago with Cerner is dead now.

How will existing clients who have made substantial salesforce integration investments move forward?

Save the world?

Oracle has excellent aspirations to save the healthcare industry with the ambition of creating the national health records database while Integrating EHR to ERP, HCM, and EPM, aka healthcare operating system. The community will benefit just from the tight integration of oracle cloud ERP with Millennium quickly.

I applaud Oracle for this bold vision. It's a huge undertaking. And it's unclear exactly how Oracle plans to make it happen.

If the Oracle-Cerner partnership succeeds, it could be one of the biggest tech and healthcare software company mergers. Furthermore, it could signify a giant leap toward making interoperability more widespread throughout US healthcare facilities.





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