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Is Blockchain the solution to healthcare problems?

The healthcare industry is facing many challenges at the moment. COVID-19 has put a lot of stress on healthcare workers and institutions. Many people wonder if blockchain technology can help solve some of these problems. According to Deloitte, blockchain technology has the potential to improve healthcare in many ways. Through tokenization and smart contracts, it could reduce or remove the pre-authorization process in healthcare.

In what ways could blockchain technology help healthcare?

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Better communication and data sharing between all parties involved in healthcare are possible with blockchain. Furthermore, costs can be reduced, and efficiency increased in healthcare administration with blockchain tamper-proof medical records. This would greatly benefit patients and health care providers by making vital information more accessible and secure.

A blockchain decentralized patient platform could be a game-changer for healthcare. It would give patients more control over their medical data and records. Additionally, it would create a more efficient way of sharing information between healthcare providers. A decentralized patient platform could also help reduce healthcare administration costs.

I believe that blockchain technology can be a massive help to the healthcare industry, but we need to be careful not to try and force it into every aspect of the sector.

It has been the buzzword for the last few years, and adoption has been slow. I just had to share my thoughts after reading an article from a CEO of a healthcare blockchain company.





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