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Healthcare Innovation During Covid

Covid19 has impacted the world, but on a positive note, I am witnessing innovation from every member of the healthcare community. The virus has caused an explosion of patients in the hospital in certain parts of the country and hospitals are running low on N95 masks and ventilators for the patients. I sent out a tweet summarizing how these organizations are dealing with the PPE shortage.

A leading cancer specialty center is utilizing thermal cameras to identify the temperature of staff. This is a similar technology that we see at the airports in Asia when you walk through customs.

On a leadership front, Aaron Miri (@AaronMiri) highlighted a concern quoted below

Get in front of the anxiety that your IT team may be feeling. Even if you haven't heard it, the team members feel it

Aaron discussed the concern with several clinicians because clinicians didn't understand why IT folks were concerned. Aaron reminded the clinical teams that not everyone in IT has a clinical background, so there is a gap in understanding the impact during a healthcare crisis

Next step taken by the Aaron and his leadership team.

  • IT team meeting with the chair of infectious disease and the chief clinical officer for a Q/A session.

Last, I am also empathetic that the current economic situation is hard right now for healthcare IT sales employees with a nonexistent pipeline, and jobs are on the line. So, I held a one-hour live session below on youtube on to approach the decision-makers. Please also subscribe to the youtube page as I will also share content on that media.





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