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CVS Health Launches Virtual Primary Care to Improve Consumer-Centered Care

CVS Health is making a big bet on telehealth with the launch of CVS Health Virtual Primary Care. The new virtual care solution will connect CVS Health's services, clinical expertise, and data for a more collective and consumer-centric healthcare experience. This represents a significant shift in how CVS Health plans to provide primary care and underscores the company's commitment to improving healthcare for consumers.

CVS Health Virtual Primary Care virtually offers members virtual access to primary care, on-demand health services, chronic condition management, and mental health treatment. When needed at an in-network provider, such as MinuteClinic, the virtual primary care provider may also assist members in identifying appropriate in-network specialists and other medical services.

Virtual Primary Care of CVS Health will utilize a member-chosen physician-led Care Team that may include nurse practitioners, licensed vocational nurses, and other medical professionals who can all be found through the platform. When required, the Care Team will consult with a dedicated CVS pharmacist, which might assist with medication administration.

CVS Health Virtual Primary Care will utilize Epic, which allows patients to move seamlessly between virtual and in-person treatment and share their clinical data with other providers. Providers will be able to give personalized health alerts that help fill gaps in care and promote wellness by taking a comprehensive look at data and activity.

What's next?

  • Aetna members will get incentives for using the CVS virtual platform.

  • Primary care is a vital initiative for CVS as this will also create additional stickiness with the patients.

  • This is a crowded space with many telehealth providers offering a similar service. Players like AmWell, MDLive, Oscar, First Stop Health, and others provide a similar solution.





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