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CVS Health is Turning Heads

CVS Health Corp. is close to a deal that would mark a significant step forward in healthcare services: the acquisition of Oak Street Health Inc. for around $10.5 billion, including debt. This agreement aims to rapidly expand CVS' primary-care doctor network with a wide selection of senior healthcare clinics.

The potential purchase price discussed is around $39 per share. The deal could be announced as soon as this week. Meanwhile, CVS will be releasing financial results on Wednesday.

This acquisition comes shortly after CVS announces an $8 billion agreement to acquire home-care provider Signify Health Inc. This move will further consolidate healthcare services while providing greater access and quality to all CVS patients.

CVS's offer is the most recent in a line of acquisitions made by many companies, such as retail health and health insurance providers, to obtain clinics and primary care physicians. The focus is on Medicare Advantage plans.

This acquisition bolsters CVS as a major player with the following services.

  • Increase their primary and minute clinic offering in various geographic areas.

  • Clinic at the doorstep with signify acquisition.

  • Improve their pharmacy business and potential in-network offerings with Aetna.





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