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Core IT spending projections

Enterprise CIOs are accelerating their investments in key areas such as customer experience, analytics, and cloud this year. Let's not forget about security, but that should be embedded in every solution vs. a specific call-out. Despite numerous factors vying for their attention, CIOs are not slowing down when it comes to IT spending, from geopolitical disruption to inflation. In fact, they recognize the importance of remaining agile and flexible in responding to such challenges.

Datacenter spending is going down, which is the right approach as that budget is shifting towards cloud technology and subscription software. Another reason for the projected increase in software spending. IT services fluctuate, but as I had mentioned before, augmenting security services will be instrumental for healthcare organizations vs. building out these large in-house teams.

CIOs have a lot on their plates, but they are not backing down from the challenges ahead. They are continuing to invest in areas that will help them remain agile and responsive to whatever comes their way.

What do you think about this forecast? Are there any other factors CIOs should be taking into account? Let us know in the comments below.





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