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#Chousangle for #HIMSS20

What are your plans for the upcoming HIMSS event?

1. Long term impact on conferences – Many conferences and employers are putting together a policy to restrict non-essential travel. This will have a tremendous impact on business venues, airline carriers, local city business, and other industries that rely on these conference events.

2. Booth staff – Many vendors will allow the options for their staff to be at the booth. Will the booth be empty? What about all of the speakers scheduled for panel presentations at the booth?

3. Evening events – Lots of evening events are still going to happen especially at venues like top golf. Are you planning on hitting any golf balls?

4. Handshake free – Do not shake hands for now, yes this is odd, and it goes against business practice, but for now, do not shake hands as a general business rule. Check out what the NBA is doing.





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