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Alexa, "Find Me A Doc"

Teladoc Health and Amazon have teamed up to launch Teladoc on Alexa. This new experience will allow customers in the U.S. to connect with a Teladoc care provider 24/7 from supported Echo devices for general medical needs.

Teladoc on Alexa will initially launch via audio, with video visits coming soon. This new experience is a first of its kind and allows customers to connect with a care provider without leaving their homes. With Teladoc on Alexa, customers can get help for general medical needs such as the flu, colds, and allergies. Teladoc on Alexa is easy to use; all you have to do is ask Alexa to connect you with a care provider.

This new experience is another way that Teladoc is making it easier for people to get the care they need when they need it. Teladoc on Alexa joins Teladoc's other virtual care offerings, including Teladoc's app and website and its telehealth services for employers.

This announcement is just an addition of the amazon voice skill but what will be interesting is whether Amazon will have other similar partnerships with other virtual health providers. What will be the Alexa experience if there are multiple virtual health partnerships? Which one will Alexa default to for virtual care? I do not believe that Teladoc has an exclusive agreement.





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