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Adobe wants a piece of the healthcare action

Adobe is unveiling Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare, a service that provides improved online experiences for healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. The idea is to offer patients secure, private, and personalized online experiences.

Experience Cloud for Healthcare will allow healthcare organizations to create digital experiences compliant with healthcare regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The service will also offer healthcare-specific features such as support for appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, and health insurance enrollment.

Adobe targets the healthcare business because it recognizes the growing importance of providing patients with secure and convenient online experiences. Healthcare providers are focused on digitizing their operations to offer better online experiences for their patients.

Adobe believes its solution is suitable for healthcare providers who want to improve their online presence without developing their digital experience solutions. The service offers a wide range of features that healthcare organizations can create custom digital experiences for their patients. And because Adobe is a well-established and trusted provider of digital experience solutions, healthcare providers can be confident that their data and operations will be compliant with healthcare regulations.

CIO Thoughts

  1. Many major tech vendors offer a solution that can provide a 360 view of the patient.

  2. Epic also announced their own CRM module, and it will be interesting to see whether decision-makers prefer a third-party solution vs. an EHR native.

  3. Organizations must partner with one solutions provider and go all-in vs. integrating disparate point solutions.





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