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37% left for FCC funding

367 funding applications in 45 states plus Washington, D.C. for a total of $128.23 million in funding

Health systems have been applying for the telehealth grant to support their initiatives on telehealth. The FCC has distributed the funds in the last few months, and we have approximately 36% left for distribution. If you are still looking to apply, here is a quick 3 step application guide.

According to the FCC award distribution notification, the grant money is helping hospitals invest in the following:

  • telehealth application

  • hardware such as laptop, tablet,

  • internet connectivity extension, wired and wireless

  • video equipment

  • remote patient monitoring

Hopefully, hospitals are looking at a next-generation telehealth solution vs. another video platform. I understand the need for the appropriate hardware and connectivity infrastructure, but we miss out on a tremendous opportunity to focus on changing patient's behavior and the social determinant aspect for integration.





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