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Healthcare in Shanghai

There are lots of eyes on the healthcare market in China from US health systems. Here are the snapshot and insight on the latest venture between Luye medical group and Cleveland Clinic in Shanghai.

  • China is drawing significant interest from North American health systems. Health systems like Mount Sinai, Mass General, MD Anderson, and Cleveland Clinic all have a presence in the market.

  • Key theme and desire are how do you pick up a North American medical practice and drop it in Asia. It definitely will not be easy since the cultural difference is enormous.

  • Public hospital has a better reputation, so how will the private hospitals change and capture the market. This is the complete opposite of what happens in the US.

  • What China does have is a national identifier.

  • China can leapfrog with technology. The entire culture is mobile first in the major metropolitan cities.

  • China's technology vendor portfolio will be completely different.

  • Medical terminology standard in China does not exist which makes it tough.




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