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Great event at SAP SAPPHIRENOW with an emphasis on customer experience and the integration of Qualtrics. The integration of Qualtrics will be the key. Where is Qualtrics used in healthcare currently? The healthcare clients that I have spoken to are utilizing Qualtrics mostly for HR employee engagement and surveys for the research department. The next phase for Qualtrics is to persuade the health system to use the platform from a patient/customer engagement tool.

What’s next for SAP and the Healthcare CIO?

  1. ERP optimization is a big theme for healthcare provider systems. Every hospital system in North America is going through an evaluation of their ERP system. Organization are looking to either upgrade their current system or evaluating a potential change to the next generation cloud platform offering. This is an opportunity for SAP to grab the healthcare ERP industry, but the challenge is that SAP is not currently on the shortlist for the North American healthcare provider CIOs at the moment.

  2. SAP Intelligent Enterprise. SAP business object has a great presence throughout the healthcare industry. The key is to convert these customers to the intelligence platform and will the North American healthcare providers trust SAP as the data platform of choice.

3. Global Healthcare Market. SAP has done a great job globally in healthcare. Great customers in the UK, EU, and China has allowed SAP in growing incrementally globally. I have seen a few healthcare organizations utilize SAP as the main clinical and back office system and that momentum may continue to grow as they focus on building out the platform more.




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