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Qlik #Qonnections – CIO Point of View

Big Announcements

  • Qlik SaaS and Multi-cloud offering.

  • Attunity acquisition and platform integration.

Healthcare CIO Point of View

  • When we think of Qlik, it is still a BI platform while the company’s strategy is to transform Qlik to be a data platform.

  • I like the Attunity acquisition because the challenge for every organization’s data transformation is the data integration effort. Hopefully, Attunity will deliver the results as promised. The key challenge for healthcare providers is data mapping and integration with enterprise healthcare applications. Will Attunity figure out this out quick and will the existing healthcare clients look to Qlik as an enterprise solution versus a visualization product?

  • Great announcement of supporting multi-cloud and SaaS offering. Enterprise clients that are currently on-premise will have to rely on the expertise of Qlik resources or partners for the migration which CIO should explore deeper. It is not an easy migration and I believe we are in the early stages of having a migration playbook.

  • Qlik product sponsorships typically starts at the departmental level for the majority of healthcare clients. Qlik must work towards getting more executive sponsorship at the CIO level in order to align with the strategy of transitioning to a data platform.




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