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My key observations of Cerner #CHC18

As we wrap up the week at #CHC18, the biggest potential change for Cerner is their strategy and commitment to partnerships. What do I mean by that? Cerner traditionally loved developing products in house. Now I see the strategy and discussion move towards platforms which is great. The partnership with Amazon and Salesforce is a big step forward towards developing solutions on a mature platform. This is a step in the right direction. Now here is the challenge. In order to create solutions on the platforms, it will require a complete rewrite of the software. It is almost impossible to migrate the current solutions on to Amazon or any other PaaS. Speed to market will be the key and it will be interesting to see how fast Cerner can deliver. Overall it was a great event. Lots of buzz on the revenue cycle solution since most organizations are moving towards having an integrated solution so there will be a huge demand for experienced Cerner revenue cycle resources. Every consulting firm had a sales pitch of how they can assist with the implementation. Finally, we cannot attend a software user conference without an AI discussion. Cerner demo their AI solution but we did not deep dive into which AI engine it is using and who verified the algorithm behind the AI engine. I could have missed that part but like every other technology conference that I have attended this year, there is always an AI solution in development.




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