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Quick Observation from #inforum2018

We have just wrapped up the Infor #inform2018 event where they showcase the key developments of their platform cloudsuite. It was a great event to understand the strategy and progress but like every company in the tech world, the focus is on AI and data analytics. Every organization is working on the journey to transforming themselves to be a data driven organization and every vendor wants to be a partner in that journey.

The big announcement from the healthcare space is Infor has a solution to help you calculate the true cost of care. This has been a challenge and it is an ongoing issue for healthcare every since the start of my career. I expect this product to calculate down to the line item the cost of care which includes supplies, labor & distribution, payers, and other factors. The aspiration is great but we did not get into the details of the challenge and I will discuss that more in the video below on my observation of the ERP landscape. Let's see if this will be successful.

Infor's strategy and vision is that with the acquisition of Burst (enterprise data platform), it will provide the aggregation of the clinical data, revenue cycle, ERP, and many others. The next focus will be to have the Infor Coleman AI platform sit on top of the solution so that it can provide insight and a predictive model in to the business. Overall the architecture and philosophy makes sense but we will need to see more cloudsuite customers live in order to determine whether the product will deliver what it is set out to.

The healthcare breakout panel session started with a great keynote by Ray Wang of constellation research.

Followed by a fun panel with these healthcare executives

Here is a video recap of my observation




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