CxO Congress

What is CxO Congress?

We are an advisory group with executive leaders from the world's top healthcare system. Our goal is to provide industry insights to help you with your go to market strategy, buying behavior of a CxO, tips on organization navigation, and any other advise to help your company. This advisory group consists of decision makers with an aggregate of over $1B in spending authority.

How Did It Start?

I started CxO congress with the initial concept of bringing together a group of top healthcare CxO to collaborate and exchange ideas.

The themes of the group was:

1 - Authentic discussions among peers without any egos.

2 - Exchange of ideas to help each other grow personally and professionally at each one's organization.


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What we discovered after the inaugural conference was that this group can transform the healthcare technology landscape by helping companies rethink their solutions for the industry. We will work with all companies ranging from startups to fortune 100 at all advisory levels required.